Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Possum Problem Letter

23 Native Bush Avenue
Native Forest
New Zealand

234 Python Place
Aussie Bush

27th November 2017

Dear Mum and Dad,

Here in New Zealand is a wide range of scrumptious food.  This delicious menu consists of chicks and eggs, kohekohe leaves, coprosma berries, snails wetas and spiders but my favourite dish is the chicks and it’s eggs.  However us possums also devour the delicious fruits and flowers which the native animals eat.  We also eat the native animals including birds, bats and insects. NZ has nice, cool weather, while in Australia we have to suffer the scorching heat in the air. This means we do not have to hide under shelter to protect ourselves from the burning sun.  You don’t have to worry about me getting eaten because in New Zealand I have no natural predators.  It is easy to hunt for prey because I am the only one powerful enough to get it.  Unlike in Australia Dingoes, Goannas, Pythons and Tiger Quolls will not be able to pursue me and I have no competition with any other animals so now I am the king of the forest.  They brought us possums here  in 1873 because, a special group named the acclimatisation society wanted to start a fur trade business in NZ like the one’s in Australia. Hundreds after hundreds of us possums were released into this paradise but none of those silly humans recognised the destruction we would cause when they thought of unleashing us.  I am aware that hunters are trying to capture us but they have failed several times. I hope you can come here soon.

Love from,
Maarya and Nuha
WALT: Use information from the book to write a letter.

For reading this term we have been reading about the possum problem by Johanna Knox. We have learnt much about the possums and why there not a pest in Australia but they are in NZ. There are many resons fior this including the climate, its predators and many more. This is the letter I wrote describing to my family the paradise I have moved to. I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Amazon dolphin - information report

 Due to the growing population in the two river basins which the Boto lives in, is causing an increase in pollution and more river traffic forcing this animal to become endangered. A vertebrate and mammal living  from the family of Iniidae and a species of toothed whales is classified as an Amazon river dolphin. The mammal is also known as a Pink river dolphin,Boto or Bufeo . However it’s scientific name is Inia geoffrensis. While other animals would think it’s silly to play with their food the sea creature doesn’t . Like all animals in the vast ocean the Amazon river dolphins have distinct habitats, diets, appearances, reproduction systems, behaviours and predators that make it unique.

Image result for Amazon dolphin eatingBeing a  carnivore the animal mostly consumes fish, shrimp and crabs, however it’s menu may also contain piranha’s and turtles including 43 species of scrumptious fish. Mostly active at daytime, the Amazon dolphin knows that under the waterfall it is easier to catch it’s prey and uses its  long snout to break the rushing water as the water plummets down. In order to find their victims, the mammal releases sound waves that return to it with information of the place where the prey is, the distance,  the size and the type. Echolocation is a rare ability used by many animals to navigate and capture prey. Animals may also use it to find their way back to their habitat where they live.

Image result for Amazon dolphin in its habitat The habitat where the amazon dolphins dwells in are also affecting their lives and therefore are being forced to live in places which do not have the things they desperately need to survive. Mostly living in river basins in Amazon or Orinoco  which is in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, PerĂº, and Venezuela, this sea creature is needs help to survive.Contamination in rivers and lakes are impoverishing  the amazon river dolphin’s habitats causing this animal to suffer since it only lives in freshwater. To help save this animal it is important to know how to identify it.

Related imageAll animals have different appearances which are put together to help them survive and every part of an animal is important for something. These species are smaller than sea dolphins but they have longer muzzles. Not only is this dolphin pink but it can also be light gray or brown.When adults they grow from between 1.53 to 2.4 metres long and weigh between 185 to 355 pounds. They usually become pink when they are close to being adults. A robust dolphin with a long snout , chubby cheeks , flexible neck and small eyes is identified as an Amazon dolphin. Many animals have predators including dolphins no matter how good they look.

Image result for Amazon dolphins caught in netsLike many other animals this animal has a victim and also has predators seeking it’s flesh. Amazon dolphins have no natural predators but caimans, anacondas and jaguars have been known to hunt them. Dolefully humans are also a threat to the amazon dolphins because us humans sometimes catch them in nets and drown them, kill them by riding over them with on a boat with a propeller or we debauch their habitats causing them to suffocate, find a new habitat or die. Many people kill them so they can use their skin for leather and some people use their fat for cooking. If these animals die out there won’t be any baby amazon dolphins to keep these species alive either.

Related imageAnimals have different ways of giving birth to their new generation, a  amazon dolphin is a mammal and therefore feeds its baby itself. A gestation period begins when a male and female mates which scientists believe lasts from nine to twelve months. At the time of birth, calves are usually born seventy five centimetres long and weigh a bit more than 1 kg. The pink dolphins youthfully are delivered during the time when the amazon river is at it’s high , between the months of May and July. A baby is called a calf. I hope that now you have learnt a lot about this vertebrate.

I have just told you lots of information about this river dolphin and I hope  you now know lots about this mammal so you can help save them from extinction. An Amazon river dolphin is a  vertebrate and mammal living  from the family of Iniidae and a species of toothed whales. Normally eats fish, shrimps and crabs, this sea creature interestingly likes to play with it’s prey. As you should know us humans are a massive threat to these animals and therefore those of us who want to keep them alive should stop people harming them.

WALT: Use a variety of sentence starters and us good vocabulary.

This term in room 1 we have been working on an information report about any animal we want but not a pet.I picked the amazing Amazon dolphin and I also learnt lots about it. Firstly we put our information into a describe map and set our in formation report into different paragraphs like diet, habitat, appearance, reproduction and predators. I enjoyed writing this information report and I hope you like it.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Beach description

Paradise Island
The solid, colourless rocks stay still as if they had been stunned under the vast, cloudy sky. One after another the transparent waves collided with the towering, stone rock which lay lifeless at the river bank waiting for night to surround the tropical Island. Golden sand glistened in the honey-coloured sun while the fresh breeze whipped through the deserted island. Lush, shamrock- coloured grass covered the island like a blanket as it waved at the stream which looked like it was being chased. Ear piercing chirps filled the tranquil forest as 2 sapphire-coloured birds sing to each other furiously.
Feeling the shimmering sand squish between my toes felt nice and relaxing. As I wipe my robust hands on a large rock nearby, I feel as if my life is pointless and that all my spectacular thoughts had drained out of me. Dipping my cosy feet first into the salty, frigid water, I sit down as I flick the shiny sand of my beautiful,lavender skirt. Resting on the rocky, dusty hill beside the shallow stream, I feel the lime coloured grass tickle me and I feel as if all my good thoughts have come back inside me like an abnormal vacuum cleaner which sucks good stuff in.

I really loved how you used very interesting adjectives.  It was really good.  But next time You need to try to keep one sentence.  I need to work on that too.

WALT: Use descriptive language
This term for writing we have been learning to write descriptive writing. Our teacher gave us a picture to describe using about 5 or 6 sentences. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Why the sky appears to be blue - by Maarya

Why the Sky is Blue?

Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue and why it can’t be violet or emerald? Fascinating isn’t it, how many children may have asked this question to their parents and some children will have received a creative fiction story like a long time ago some really bad witches didn’t like the sky looking beautiful so they put a curse on the sky to make it look boring while other children may have received the logical scientific answer. If you want to know the logical, scientific answer I advise you to read the amazing following explanation.

In order to understand how the sky is blue you need to know that light is  not just one colour. While the light from the sun appears to be white, it is actually made up of all the colours of rainbow. Like sound, light energy travels in waves. Depending what colour the light is also depends if the waves are long,lazy or shorty, choppy.  Blue waves are shorter than red waves and the other colours are in between. I hope you have now learnt about the waves and colours of the sun’s light.

Now that you know about the sun’s light it’s time to learn how it migrates to earth. On the way to earth the sun’s light travels in straight lines unless objects get in the way to reflect, bend or scatter it. When traveling to earth the sun’s light passes through the atmosphere. The atmosphere is congested of billions of oxygen and nitrogen molecules that float in the sky.  Uninterrupted except blue.As the light from the sun shines into the atmosphere most colours reach earth uninterrupted.

Overall the sky is blue because the molecules in the atmosphere scatter the sun’s light as it  travels down to earth. As light travels in waves the blue waves, which are shorter than the other waves are scattered more than others. This is why the sky appears to be blue. But now you may ask how a sunset is made. Red sunsets happen when the sun is lower in the sky so the light must travel further and because the blue light has scattered, the red and yellow lights are more visible.

WALT: explain why the sky is blue.
In writing this term we have been learning to write explanations. We did this one as a class about why the sky is blue and I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The BFG's dream

The BFG’s Dreams.

The dream is about when I is best hogwarts student and I am in hogwarts school of witchcraft and  wizardry where everyone likes me because I is famous! I is in Gryffindor and have 2 nice friends. I is very good at many subjects. I is also very good at quidditch and is seeker in  gryffindor team. Quidditch is joyful wizarding sport that many like to play. Seeker is player in quidditch who catches a speedy golden ball about the size of a hand ball with energetic  wings. If they catch it their team gets 150 points. When I play quidditch wind whooshes by  my ears and I feel like I is skydiving several feet from the ground.  One day I is  playing an exciting game of quidditch and my team is losing by 30 points. When a chaser whose  job it  is to put the quaffle through one of the three hoops on the side of the pitch which was guarded by the other team's keeper. If a chaser scores their team earns 10 points. Their are 3 chasers in a team. A quaffle is a ball the size of a soccer ball.  The 2 beaters  job is to smack the bludger at the other teams players and make sure it doesn't hit there players with their bat. A bludger is a black medium sized ball that attacks players. The keeper's job is to save the quaffle from going into the three hoops and all players play on brooms. That’s when I saw the miniscule switch hovering on top of the goal posts. My heart was beating fast. I accelerated as the crowd screamed wildly. Reaching out I grasped the snitch firmly in my  sweaty hands. Ear piercing screams echoed through my ears. My heart throbbing painfully, I floated down to the ground. The game had ended and my team had one. That night when I came into the gryffindor common room a party was in full swing and my everybody hugged me cheerfully.   

By Maarya

In term 3 we read a little about the BFG and decided to make our own BFG dream jar. We even wrote about our dream in BFG language. I love reading harry potter and it is my favourite book series which is why my dream is about being in the life of harry potter.I think this was a fun activity to do. I hope you like my work.

Collage painting

In term 4 this year for art we did a collage. First we cut bits of magazines to past on to the paper to make it look like a sky and I made a sunset. Than we cut the picture of our silhouette and pasted that on top of the sunset to make it a beautiful image. I hope you like it.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Deserts - cold and hot

WALT: erxplain the difference between cold and hot desert.
In inquiry we have been learning about different biomes. This is my inquiry work to show the difference between a cold and hot desert, I hope you like it.